URL you have provided could not be reached

When trying to open a PDF file from a mapped drive in SharePoint 2010.  You might see the following error message.

The URL you have provided could not be reached. Please verify that the URL is correct and that the network location is reachable.



1. Open the registry.

2. Go to HKLM Local Software\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\\\FeatureLockDown.

3. Create a key called cSharePoint.

4. Create a DWORD value called bDisableSharePointFeatures.

5. Set its value to 1.



That’s all she wrote.  PDFs docs will now open.



SharePoint 2014 Conference Tracks

SharePoint Conference 2014 tracks announced.

Conference Tracks
SharePoint Conference 2014 will offer numerous tracks across all audiences: IT Pro, Developer, Executive and Power User. Each track will have sessions at different levels, from overview (100 level) to deep dive (400 level), designed to help you build the skills you need. Have a look below and start to plan how you will balance your time throughout the week.

Get the tools you need to drive organic adoption within your organization: what are the available resources, proven tactics and best practices from the field, and examples of the best use cases to leverage to help users understand SharePoint, what’s in it for them and your company.

Deliver solutions that meet business needs both today and tomorrow. The focus is on designing a highly reliable, consistently available, and SharePoint scalable system from the most basic to most demanding workloads.

​Business Intelligence
Data is powerful, and the right tools can help you make sense of the growing data requirements and take your insights to the next level. Learn how to discover, analyze, and visualize your big data in a self-service fashion through Power BI and Excel.

​Business Value
Business Value sessions teach business leaders how to drive profit through enterprise social, expose talent and expertise, save time and money, all while positioning businesses to better meet objectives and align with corporate strategy.

​Customer Showcase
Hear direct from customers about their decisions, experiences and use cases with SharePoint 2013 on-premises and SharePoint Online in Office 365. Learn the solutions and best practices across numerous industries and common SharePoint workloads.

​Deployment & Implementation
Although SharePoint products farms vary in complexity and size, a combination of careful planning and a phased deployment that includes ongoing testing and evaluation significantly reduces the risk of unexpected outcomes. This track provides an overview for all types of SharePoint 2013 farm deployment.

​Files & Content
Whether you are interested in simple file sync and share scenarios with SkyDrive Pro or full-fledged industrial strength ECM capabilities, learn how to create, organize and manage content lifecycles with policies, information architecture and governance while also illustrating how organizations can reduce risk and manage compliance with centralized eDiscovery tools.

Learn how governance helps guide, direct, and control how your organization’s business divisions and IT teams cooperate to achieve business goals with a focus on guidance for information architecture and customization practices through well-planned policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes.

Wade into the deep end and learn more about configuring hybrid topologies, from identity federation, service application integration, and infrastructure and bring the cloud to your business with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.

Get clarity and guidance for purchasing SharePoint based on your specific business requirements and use case scenarios. Dive into the details and address common concerns while getting your on-premises and online licensing options questions answered.

Office 365
Office 365 delivers the capabilities that users demand while allowing IT to stay in control while adapting traditional client-server skills for cloud computing. See how new features come to Office 365, learn about the new tools and processes to migrate on-premises workloads to Office 365, and prepare for the new operational roles in IT.

​Office Development
Learn to create and design apps that will drive innovation and be better positioned for the future and get the resources, guidance, and instruction to build innovative and productive apps and solutions with Office.

​Operations & Management
Explore best practices, tips, tricks, and everything in between about how to operate and maintain SharePoint to deliver a smooth and consistent experience that delivers the capabilities people want and uptime the business guarantees.

Our SharePoint partner community will reveal best practices, insights, and customer stories in sessions that take a look at the latest solutions and ways to be more competitive and get the most out of SharePoint.

​Related Technologies
SharePoint interoperates with numerous other Microsoft technologies like Dynamics, SQL, Windows Server, Azure, and more while exploring how companies can enhance and extend SharePoint by taking advantage of the strengths of complimentary technology.

Find information stored across your organization through the power of enterprise search. Learn about all of the new features and offerings, as well as best practices for developing, managing, and using SharePoint search capabilities.

Security is at the forefront of everything in SharePoint Online and core to how you deploy SharePoint on-premises. Security sessions will articulate built-in security features that safeguard data from the time it is stored to the time it reaches users and their devices.

​SharePoint Development
The cloud app model for SharePoint offers many new ways to customize SharePoint on-premises and online. Get deep dive guidance in how you can best approach building solutions and apps today, with an eye on the future development and migration to the cloud.

​Sites & Portals
Discover how you can create and publish rich personalized websites and engaging portals using familiar tools and internet standards.

Social has wired the way people get things done at work. In a world where the pace of innovation has increased dramatically over the last few decades, agility is key. Explore the new set of tools while learning new ways organizations can efficiently bring people and information together to collectively move forward.

Get ready to transform the way that you work together. Get the latest business leaders best practices, technology trends and interactive discussions with industry experts, top executives and peers.

Upgrade & Migration
Learn plan and prepare for your upgrade appropriately. Delve into how the process of upgrading from SharePoint 2010 Products to SharePoint 2013 works, how to upgrade service applications, prerequisite planning, and known issues when upgrading to the latest version of SharePoint.


Tomorrow I will be attending SecureWorld Expo in Detroit.  Have to admit I am excited about some of the talks.  What’s SecureWorld you ask?

About SecureWorld
Over the past decade SecureWorld has emerged as one of North America’s most vital cyber-security conference, providing globally relevant education, training and networking for cyber-security professionals on a regional level. SecureWorld provides more content and facilitates more professional connections than any other event in the cyber-security industry. Established in 2002, SecureWorld offers many different continuing professional education sessions over two days in 14 cities throughout the United States. 

I will try to post a few write ups about some of the talks  while they are fresh in my mind.  If you’re there hit me up @atomixgray



Slow SharePoint Backups

Quick tip regarding Backup-SPFarm. I started using this command to get Full Farm backups. When I first started running the command  - Backup-SPFarm -Directory \\SPAPPSERVERNAME\d$\backup -BackupMethod full.  The backups were taking FOREVER.  After chatting with folks (Trevor) from sharepoint-community.net he suggested I point the command -Directory location to the SQL server shown below.  When I ran the command from the SPAPP server it was taking 45 minutes to backup 145MB.  Switching the -Directory to the SQL server I backed up 28GB in 20 minutes.  MAJOR difference.

Backup-SPFarm -Directory \\SQLSERVERNAME\d$\backup -BackupMethod full

**Note make sure you have proper permissions on the SQL server and the SQL server folders or backups will fail.



SharePoint Disater Recovery with Double-Take

Do you have a DR plan for your SharePoint environment? My employeer went with a great solution called Double-Take from Vision Solutions. You can find out more about their product offerings here

The Double-Take Solution allows you to meet high availability and disaster recovery requirements by safeguarding workloads across any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud-based resources, in real time.

With agent-based and agentless protection options, hardware agnostic workload mobility, real-time protection (changes to SharePoint sync real-time to DR) for any combination of virtual, physical or cloud servers, and the ability to protect critical business functions operating 24×7, the new Double-Take Availability 7.0 provides total workload protection and mobility… and total peace of mind.

DR SharePoint Fail-over Test
Today I am going to show you a step by step guide of a fail-over test. What good is having a DR environment if you don’t test it?  It’s assumed that we already have your full SharePoint environment replicated (Double-Taked) to your DR site. Perhaps one day soon I will do a blog post on that as well.

Lets shutdown SQL in Production first. (weekend maintenance window) The passive cluster node first (passive node will not have all the cluster drives when viewed from windows explorer)

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